20 years of experience

Our experience - for You

It is said that you choose a partner for good; therefore we were doing it very responsibly and carefully. There are xx producers of pharmaceuticals in the world. It was not easy and simple to choose which ones to represent in Lithuania, nevertheless here, again, experience and input helped.

Our clients are Lithuanian pharmacies, hospitals, pensions as well as other companies of wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals. We work with over 1000 clients all over Lithuania. Our permanent attention, expedition and flexibility have enabled us to make certain of a circle of loyal clients...

Started pharmaceutical wholesale distribution activity in 1993 Entafarma successfully continuing it till today. We supply medicines and other medicinal products for over then 800 pharmacies, 200 health care institutions in all teritory of Lithuania and over 50 wholesale companies in the Baltic States and other countries.

Long-term, sustained relations with partners, high quality specialists – our company‘s employees, high quality and business etic‘s standarts let us achieve ambition goals.

Every day we receive and assemble over 500 customer‘s orders. We organise same day deliveries in the biggest cities and the next day deliveries in other territory of Lithuania. We deliver shipments to Latvia and Estonia 3-4 times per week, to Belarus 3-4 times per month and to other countries – as customers request.

Pension houses
Lithuanian pharmacies
Pharmacy wholesellers

mano vaistine pharmacy network

Marketing project designed and implemented in order to support all independent pharmacies across Lithuania and to strenthten their position in the local market.
This objective is pursued in collaboration with pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers. Also in order to improve relations between the pharmacist and the patient, who needs help and advice.

online pharmacy and food supplement store

To purchase medicine or food supplement online is becoming more and more easier. People bravely choose to purchase products without even leavin the house, in more prefered and easier way, with home delivery time of their choice. We invite you to visit our online store www.manovaistine.lt and to try constantly increasing service around the world.