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    ENTAFARMA employs the war refugees from Ukraine

    (2022-03-16) ENTAFARMA, being a socially responsible business, in solidarity with other Lithuanian businesses admits the first two Ukrainian citizens to its ranks.

    We Are Removing Russian and Belarusian Goods

    (2022-03-15) With the expansion of hostilities in Ukraine, Entafarma, pharmaceutical company holding MANO vaistinė brand in Lithuania, is removing goods of Russian and Belarusian origin.

    ENTAFARMA continues the partership with Benediktas Vanagas

    (2022-03-03) Supporting one of the famous Lithuanian racers in the Dakar rally for two years in a row, ENTAFARMA continues its collaboration with Benediktas Vanagas. During these significant years of collaboration the athlete not only achieved significant sports results and glorified the name of Lithuania in the world, but also became a partner of the company in "Wellman" brand promoting.

    ENTAFARMA Goes Green

    (2021-02-01) In order to minimise the impact of its activities on climate change and increase environmental performance and sustainability of its services, UAB ENTAFARMA is switching to green electricity, which will substantially contribute to environmental sustainability.

    First in Lithuania to label medicines with a unique identifier

    (2020-06-08) On 9 February 2019, Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 took effect in the EU, under which the packaging of most prescription medications must be labelled with a unique identifier and have an anti-tampering device. These safety features enable verification of authenticity and identification of each medicinal product.

    ENTAFARMA expanded the warehouse area by another third

    (2020-05-22) After starting the fourth stage of expansion last year, ENTAFARMA completed the construction of the new warehouse in the spring of this year. The storage area has increased by 8,000 square metres additionally, from 19,000 to 27,000 square meters. It was decided to undertake the expansion, as a number of new customers have been attracted over the last few years, including global pharmaceutical market names.

    ENTAFARMA is expanding its activities in the field of veterinary medicines

    (2019-11-27) In 2019 November ENTAFARMA obtained a license of veterinary pharmacy and now has a permission for wholesale trade in veterinary medicines. “ENTAFARMA had one autorization just for veterinary drugs repackaging so far, but quite often we were asked if we are planning to sell medicines for animals. So now our answer is YES“, said Mindaugas Malinauskas, Executive Director of company.

    ENTAFARMA helps those who seek more

    (2019-10-10) ENTAFARMA, in order to constantly improve and overcome challenges, encourages others to do so also and supports those who are determined to face ambitious challenges. In 2019 ENTAFARMA contributed to the ambitious challenges of the traveller and adventurer Karolis Mieliauskas – to reach the coldest populated place on Earth – Oymyakon village, located in the remoteness of Siberia by motorbike, and to travel around the world on a motorbike in 40 days.

    Why repackaging of medicines may be of interest to you?

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers often have to replace the information leaflet, to change external package or to repackage their products for a different market due to amended labelling requirements, defective labelling of manufactured products, or when they are out of stock for particular market (in case of manufacturing problems or unexpected rise in sales). Then it is essential to get a quick and high-quality service, avoid extra costs related to the dispatch of medicines for repackaging back to the factory. This helps to save time and money.

    Newest and most up-to-date pharmaceutical warehouse in the Baltic States

    ENTAFARMA’s warehouse is the largest and most up-to-date warehouse for pharmaceutical logistics and storage in the Baltic States. Our warehouse capacity is up to 10.000 pallet places. The ambient temperature in the warehouse is constantly controlled and monitored. Special facilities for narcotic and psychotropic substances (approx. 240 pallet places) and cold chain (+2 - +8°C) products (for approx. 200 pallet places) are available. Advanced paperless IT system and qualified staff ensures proper quality of the service.

    You can do much more with ENTAFARMA

    UAB „ENTAFARMA“ – is a pharmaceutical logistics leader in the Baltic States. It offers manufacturers a great variety of services ranging from storage of medicinal products, delivery to customers to imports from the third countries, repackaging and batch release. Nowadays dynamic life requires reliable partners that can provide you with all the services you need on time.

    In the year of 2004 opens our representatives

    Estonia were opened in 2005, we celebrated with joy the opening of the new, one of the most modern divisions of storage and logistics of pharmaceutical products in Lithuania. All of us celebrated – both partners and employees, each of us feeling and seeing a small part of his toil. Justice is to give everyone what is due to him (Cicero). We created excellent, modern working spaces – a telephonic booking department, a separate division for work with foreign partners, department of pharmaceutical logistics and marketing. Quality certificates, honorable mentions, awards speak of the fact that we are going the right way.

    The correct business strategy - service improvement

    We created excellent, modern working spaces – a telephonized booking department, a separate division for work with foreign partners, department of pharmaceutical logistics and marketing. Quality certificates, honourable mentions, awards speak of the fact that we are going the right way. We work directly with the majority of producers existing in the Lithuanian market; we have over 700 clients all over Lithuania, also in Latvia and Estonia.

    Modern production management allows to offer the optimal price for user

    In Entafarma we constantly looking for methods how to improve and facilitate delivery of products to our customers. Modern production administration let save us step of the way, so we are able to offer our customers much better prices than that our competitors. You let us to improve.