20 years of experience

Why repackaging of medicines may be of interest to you?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are often faced with changes in repackaging. Frequently there are necessities – to replace the information leaflet, to change external package or to repackage manufactured products for a different market due to amended labelling requirements as well as defective products labelling. Every once in a while products get out of stock for particular market (in case of manufacturing problems or unexpected rise in sales). Then it is essential to get a prompt and high–quality service, avoid extra costs related to the dispatch of medicines for repackaging back to the factory. This helps to save both time and money.

In 2012 ENTAFARMA was granted a Manufacturing licence for repackaging of medicines, import from third countries and batch release services. With the growing needs of our partners in 2019 additionally we started providing drug serialization service. Our company’s operations are in line with the highest quality standards. The FMD requirement, GMP certificate, that we possess, as well as audits carried out by our partners, well-known pharmaceutical producers such as Astellas Pharma Europe, Fresenius Kabi, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Novartis Consumer Health, Sandoz, Sanofi, Stada, Teva and etc. prove that we are the right partner. ENTAFARMA already repackages and serializes over 4 million packages per year.


  • Serialization: decomissioning, printing UI code, verification, placing antitampering devices (ATD) according to FMD requirements;
  • Replacement of external package or placement to new one;
  • Production of packaging materials (PIL, outer package, sticker, etc.) from the file provided by the client;
  • Placing sticker on external package, blister, bottle, ampule, tube, etc;
  • Marking of external package, sticker or blister (printing batch, expiry date, etc.);
  • Insertion/ replacement of patient information leaflet (PIL)
  • Repacking product to the bigger or smaller package (e.g. from N20 to N100)

We are happy to offer our customers quick, high quality and inexpensive repackaging services and we would like to invite You to use it.