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Is cost Cutting relevant to You?

The situation in the pharmaceutical business is quite complicated: high competition, the Ministry of Health is trying to limit pharmaceutical expenses, emerging pandemics, etc.
Pharmaceutical producers are optimizing and cutting down the expenses in various ways. Once the drug has been developed and produced, the next crucial step is pharmaceutical logistics – the way from the producer to the final customers. There is a need to be flexible and able to ensure safe, fast and inexpensive drug delivery to the clients.

Market players carefully calculate their resources. Wholesalers and pharmacies are keeping as little stock as possible, to increase the turn–round and to avoid unnecessary resources freeze. Such a situation determines smaller but more frequent orders. A company must also be prepared for different sales fluctuations. Storage of sufficient pharmaceuticals stock is becoming a true necessity for the producer in the region. That is why the third party pharmaceutical logistics service is a rational solution.

It allows You

A reliable, fast and inexpensive delivery of goods to the clients;
To reduce the size of one-time order and to avoid the ‘stock out’;
To reduce storage and logistics expenses;
To empty the factory warehouses.

We offer the service that involves admission of goods, quantitative and qualitative inspection, storage, collection and delivery to the client. There is a continuous accounting of stored goods and the full traceability is guaranteed. All the practice is run under the latest GDP requirements.

We offer a modern ‘Activity Based Costing’ calculation for our service, so you would always pay only for what you are using. A flexible and transparent pricing system ensures clarity and enables precise planning of storage and transportation expenses.

No matter whether you are small, medium−sized or large international company – we have the righ logistics solution for You.The payment for pharmaceutical logistics service could be set as agreed based on the client’s request, e.g., fixed monthly payment, percentage payment depending on turnover or another model of payment.

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The main criteria for the cost calculation are:

  • number of stocked palettes;
  • administration of received and outbound orders (how many palettes, boxes, units (SKU) received and delivered);
  • transportation (how many palettes, boxes and where (to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova or other) has been transported).

Related value added services:

  • repackaging;
  • serialization;
  • marking of external package, sticker or blister;
  • distribution of marketing material;
  • delivery of products for clinical trials to study centres;
  • disposal of products;
  • handling of import/export procedures and Intrastate reporting;
  • Invoicing and cash management.

sandeliavimo paslaugos

Largest and most up-to-date pharmaceutical warehouses in the Baltic states

We are proud to announce about succesfully realized our project - the biggest and most modern in the Baltic States, fully dedicated for pharmaceutical service warehouse with a capacity till 10 000 pallets space. The warehouse air temperature is constantly controlling and monitoring, special facilities for narcotics and psychotropic substances (about 240 pallet space), as well as cold (+2 - +8°C) rooms (about 200 pallet space) are fitted. A modern paperless IT system and qualified personnel guarantees a high-quality service.

With a new warehouse we expanded a range of services: bonded warehouse for medicines, import from third countries and repackaging of medicines (under valid GMP requirements).

ENTAFARMA is a leader of pharmaceutical logistics and pre-wholesaling providers in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Manufacturers use ENTAFARMA’s warehouse as a “harbour on Eastern border of EU” – for products to be delivered outside EU - to East (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc).

New and most up-to-date pharmaceutical warehouse in the Baltic States

aptarnaujame siuos regionus

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan,Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan  and other.

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