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First in Lithuania to label medicines with a unique identifier


On 9 February 2019, Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 took effect in the EU, under which the packaging of most prescription medications must be labelled with a unique identifier and have an anti-tampering device. These safety features enable verification of authenticity and identification of each medicinal product. The unique identifier consists of an encoded barcode with the following information: the product name, the pharmaceutical form, the strength, the pack size, the serial number, the batch number and the expiry date. This identifier allows to track the product through the logistics chain from the manufacturer to the sales at a pharmacy or at any point of sales and to determine whether the medicinal product is falsified.

ENTAFARMA has invested EUR 300,000 in the pharmaceutical labelling equipment and is currently the first and only company in Lithuania that meets the requirements for good manufacturing practice and is able to label medicinal products with a unique identifier. ENTAFARMA has regularly improved and updated its services in line with market needs and has consistently maintained one of its key competitive advantages – the in-house expertise to provide a full range of logistics chain services, including repackaging, labelling and batch release.