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ENTAFARMA, in order to constantly improve and overcome challenges, encourages others to do so also and supports those who are determined to face ambitious challenges.

In 2019 ENTAFARMA contributed to the ambitious challenges of the traveller and adventurer Karolis Mieliauskas – to reach the coldest populated place on Earth – Oymyakon village, located in the remoteness of Siberia by motorbike, and to travel around the world on a motorbike in 40 days.

The Coldest Ride – travelling in temperatures of -75OC

At the end of January, when the cold reaches its peak, Karolis Mieliauskas left for Oymaykon, located in the north of Russia, even further than Yakutsk, which is recognised as the coldest city of the world. Over a week he, and the team following him by car, overcame the coldest 1000 kilometres.

As there wasn`t any information about driving on a motorbike in frost, Karolis prepared for the 12-month trip based on his own knowledge and intuition. He made some 40 improvements to the motorbike.

During the trip the team faced more than one challenge. When travelling along „the road of bones“, the Kolyma highway, so named because the bones of numerous dead workers had been used for the construction of the road, cables started to break. Carrying out repairs wearing thin gloves at a temperature of -40° C was a substantial physical and psychological challenge. It took the team technician 1.5 hours instead of 15 minutes. Another significant extreme occurred while driving along the completely iced serpentine high in the mountains. The width of the road barely allowed two cars to pass. The imagination was heated by the sight of trucks which had fallen down the scarp. 

After turning towards Oymaykon the valleys of cold started. In the last valley the speed could be increased to 130 km/h, the sensory temperature was -75° C, but the target was reached – the team arrived at the coldest settlement in the world. After 1,000 kilometres and 5 days in inhuman cold, Karolis and his team were in Oymaykon.

Around the World in 40 Days

Driving 20,000 kilometres around the world on a motorbike in 40 days – this is the newest challenge, overcome by Karolis Mieliauskas.

In just over a month Karolis drove through all of Asia, crossed North America and finished his journey by motorbike through Europe. During this trip he crossed two oceans, The Pacific and the Atlantic, by plane. Due to his motorbike being detained by customs, his trip was twice at risk of being abandoned, however, the Lithuanian finally achieved his goal and returned to Lithuania.     

The journey „Around the World in 40 Days“ wasn`t as cold as the Oymaykon one, but in the vastness of Russia (it is more than 9,000 km from Moscow to Vladivostok) it rained cats and dogs. And some locations, through which Karolis travelled, had been devastated by huge floods. It is interesting that the intrepid traveller found a lot of similarities between the Siberian highway and “Route 66” in North America. According to him there was wasteland around both of them.

Extreme journeys and complicated driving are perfect forms of active meditation for Karolis. According to the challenge lover a motorbike is the ideal means, helping to check the limits of one`s capabilities and to get to know oneself better while observing inner oceans, breathing, mind, feelings and everything that the eyes can see.