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ENTAFARMA employs the war refugees from Ukraine


ENTAFARMA, being a socially responsible business, in solidarity with other Lithuanian businesses admits the first two Ukrainian citizens to its ranks.

When the war began, Natalia and Alina were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in Lithuania. "As the situation on the border with Poland was difficult and we did not know whether we would be allowed to leave, we with other family members were forced to ride through the territories of Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland until we reached Lithuania. Our ride lasted three days. Only after reaching our aunt‘s home in Širvintos, we finally felt safe. ” say the girls. After the Ukrainian girls were settled down at aunt‘s home, they became interested in opportunities to start working in Lithuania: “Our aunt was working with Entafarma for many years, so she advised us to contact for a job. She also mentioned some other companies near us but we decided to contact Entafarma. The main reasons were the possitive impresion of our aunt about the company and convenient location. Also the significant role played a possitive impression about company‘s emploees during the job interview”.  Although Natalia and Alina have worked in accounting and trading companies in Ukraine, girls  believe that due to a great desire to work and establish themselves in Lithuania it will be much easier to explore the specitifaction of work in the pharmaceutical business. "We are grateful for the opportunity to work at Entafarma. We want to believe that the experience gained in Lithuania will be useful for us in the future, because we are sure that sooner or later we will be home again, in Ukraine ”.

According to Tauras Endriukaitis, General Director of ENTAFARMA, the company has always been open to employees of different nationalities, but of course, in this case, solidarity with Ukraine comes first. "It is very important for people who have had to leave their country because of the war to distract themselves from the tragedy that has affected them. Everyday activities, being part of a team, communicating with a wider circle of like-minded people, helps to maintain the emotional balance of people who have escaped the war. Of course, in addition to psychological support, a stable income is very important for these people, it helps them to feel independent and more secure with their needs," says the head of the company.

ENTAFARMA not only supports Ukrainian citizens who have arrived in Lithuania, but also actively helps those who stayed in the country. Since the beginning of the war, the company has provided support for medicines, medical devices and monetary funds for ~ 50,000 euros.