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ENTAFARMA continues the partership with Benediktas Vanagas


ENTAFARMA being loyal to its customers continues to be a reliable partner for our athletes as well.

Supporting one of the famous Lithuanian racers in the Dakar rally for two years in a row, ENTAFARMA continues its collaboration with Benediktas Vanagas. During these significant years of collaboration the athlete not only achieved significant sports results and glorified the name of Lithuania in the world, but also became a partner of the company in "Wellman" brand promoting.

Benediktas Vanagas pays a lot of attention to a healthy nutrition and highlights the importance of food supplements for getting various vitamins and minerals. He says: " Taking care of my health and well-being occupies an important place in my philosophy of life. I understand that only by doing this I can achieve the best results". Benediktas Vanagas admits, that for  many years "Wellman" is his choice for health support: "I trust this producer, the quality of his products has never dissappointed me. In my life I am often guided by the saying: I‘m not rich enough for buying low quality products".

"Wellman" is developed by the UK’s leading food suplements company VITABIOTICS. The company has been developing innovative, science-based, high quality food supplements for over 5 decades. VITABIOTICS not only relies on published, peer reviewed data on its nutrient ingredients but also conducts trials on the product formulations themselves. Because of commitment and consistent work unique,  evidence based, balanced formulas have been developed for every age and every stage of life. VITABIOTICS has been recognised The Queen‘s awards four times – and it is the only vitamin company to receive The Queen‘s Award for Innovation twice.